Brake System

The original Q2 had independent cable operated toe brakes which were later abandoned for a 'single pull' hand operated hydraulic brake system. My brake system has independent hydraulic toe brakes. Every tail dragger I've ever flown has this type of system and I can't imagine not having it. 

My implimentation is a modification of the "Larue caliper mount", named after an early Q2 builder.

Brake Components (click picture to enlarge)

In the factory designed hydraulic system, the calipers are rigidly mounted to the wheel pants. If the brake disks ran perfectly true, then all would be well. However, these inexpensive 'go-cart' disks are less than perfect. Larue came up with a design that allows the caliper to float axially, making a much smoother operating system.  

Brake Assembly (click picture to enlarge)

The biggest difference between this implimentation and Larue's is the way the dowels on which the calipers slide are attached to the larger mounting plate. The dowels are clamped into place with a through bolt per a suggestion by Jon ten Have.

Brake Installation (click picture to enlarge)