This is the fifth workshop that I've had and the second that I've built from scratch. It is 40' wide by 48' long. The last 12' (x 40') of the shop is storage. It is fully insulated and heated including PEX tubing in the floor for radiant heating of the concrete slab. There are solar water heating panels on the roof which are used to help heat the slab during the winter and to pre-heat hot water for the B&B during the summer.

The second story (20' x 36') serves as a retreat from our B&B and as a music studio (I play the trumpet and guitar) and an arts studio (my wife, Kathy, is a writer, weaver and graphics artist).

The project started in May 2003 and was expected to be completed by the end of August. As you can see by the dates on the photos, it was not water tight until the end of November..

The footing goes in along with the foam insulation around the slab

The 4" slab for the storage area at the rear of the shop gets poured.

The 6" main slab is poured. PEX tubing to heat floor is visible.

No more cold feet during the winter. I'm going to try solar heating.

The slab and retaining wall (barely visible at far left) are finished.

First floor framing begins.

First floor framing continues.

Second floor framing begins.

Second floor framing continues...

and continues.

Hanger doors get built

and insulated.

Roof goes on (rear view).

Roofing (front view)

Document the wiring

so I don't drive a nail through it.

Interior photos will be posted as they become available.