El Salvador - 2004

El Salvador was our first stop south of the southern Mexican boarder. We flew along the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and landed at Ilopango airport which serves the capital city San Salvador. The airport is situated between a large lake on the south-east and a large volcano on the north-west, with the city on the flank of the volcano. At 2000 ft (609 meters ) altitude and with 7,000 feet (2134 meters) of concrete runway, it still felt like a medium size small town airport. Very friendly. We taxied to the small immigration/customs building and went in to take care of the paper work. Then taxied over the the flying club facilities to tie down.

Airports that serve the larger cities in Central America all seem to have flying clubs, and the flying clubs are often a source of fuel, frequently have a restaurant or at least a bar, and are able to help deal with the paper work associated with opening and closing flight plans.They are also the place to meet local pilots. While the employee may have limited english language skills, the pilots will all speak excellent English. At least that was my experience.


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San Salvador

San Salvador was in the middle of a nation election.